JetBlank Manual


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1. The JETBLANK can be filled with wax or plastic.

2. When nesting, it is important to make sure that the objects at least10mm must be placed inside the blanks 

       to avoid damaging the aluminum ring.

 3. The (marked) Blank location is already been milled. Possibly in the CNC Software under: Settings --- --- user

     settings / adjust Blank position. (turn off)

 4. For milling of wax (only QuattroMill, Shera, contactor) 2 settings have to be changed: Feed: 9 mm / s, 8000  

     rev / min speed of the spindle. These settings can be made immediately in the CNC soft ware, after the

     start of the milling operations.

 5. Before any milling the 3 Allen screws have to be tightened. 

 6. In the library a new Blank is registered, it has a height of 20 mm in the respective material (wax, plastic)

 7. We accept no liability for any damage to milling by the improper handling in connection with the


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