left: Sven Kirch

Master Dental Technician / Manager

right: Jan Langner

Master Dental Technician / Senior partner

left: Sina Langner-Kirch

Dental technician / Ceramics, anterior aesthetics / Manager

right: Susette Krieg

Dental technician / Accounting / Product management / Manager

left: Elisabeth Obholtz

centre: Annerose Langner

right: Susette Krieg

Our team for:

Office / Customer services / Product management

Dirk Dreschner

Master Dental Technician / Anterior aesthetics /

Complex ceramic restorations

Nelly Friesen

Dental technician / Ceramics

Sorina Tanase

Dental laboratory employee / Accounting

Viviane Silbernagel

Dental technician / Ceramics / CAD-CAM


Tatyana Otto


office / organisation

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2 including tax