Developments are products created as a result of demand. This was also the reason for developing the JetBlank.

In our case we had the problem of not having the type of wax available which was suitable for milling using our CAD-CAM system when fabricating split-file crowns. The wax blanks available up to now did not meet our requirements profile on tasks set by us. The question was:" How do we get our wax in the machine?"

It seemed too expensive to us to have a wax blank milled and so we had the idea of trying it with a ring made from a light alloy, which enabled the dimensions for clamping in our machines. The wax patterns milled from this are already standard practice from our laboratory. It was now possible not to have to contour the restoration, already designed by the wax-up, for a second time using the zirconia framework. We are also taking advantage of other options offered by the use of these rings. The rings can, e.g. be loaded with cold-curing acrylic, allowing temporary restorations or temporary shell crowns to be milled. The quality of the blanks fabricated in a pressure pot is impressively stable and porous-free and the results produced from the blanks speak for themselves.

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